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See what makes Paradigm Dog Training different and why you can trust Working Dog Expert, Eric Bakey. We guarantee you will build a lifetime bond with your dog and change the way you look at Dog Training forever.



Is old school training advice leaving you constantly correcting or apologizing for your dog?
Does it feel like you are dealing with Jekyll & Hyde?
Sometimes your dog is good and sweet, looking at you with those loving eyes…while other times it’s a downright nightmare…maybe you even feel like you hate your dog…embarrassed to have people over or to take it outside because you are afraid of what it will do. 


If you’re sick of:

  • Incessant barking
  • Pulling you all over town
  • Growling at kids & other animals
  • Pooping & peeing wherever
  • Jumping up on family & friends
  • Running around everywhere
  • Counter surfing, stealing food, chewing clothes, and the list goes on… 

It is just plain wrong to slap on a pinch collar to crank & yank your dog into submission, screaming to scare it into listening, or to just give up on your pet – they are practically a part of your family now!

Fortunately there is a better way to train and develop a stronger bond with your dog without using brute force or begging them to behave.


My name is Eric Bakey, and I got into K-9 handling after serving in the Army. I thought I knew everything about how to get compliance from a canine… that was until my Swiss Mountain Dog knocked over a 75-year-old lady at Thanksgiving (almost killing her!).

I’ve never felt more horrible than I did in that moment… hearing her hit the ground and cry out in agony while I rushed over to pull my 100+ pound “puppy” away.

From that moment on, I dedicated myself to learning everything I could about dog behavior, learning theory, and operant conditioning…

I committed to a lifelong journey and sought out mentors like world-renown veterinarian Dr. Ian Dunbar, internationally acclaimed trainers like Michael Ellis, Bart Bellon, and countless other experts as I began to compete in working & hunting dog sports.

Finally, I moved to Austin, Texas because of it’s love for dogs and an abundance of outdoor opportunities to integrate animals into our everyday lives.


My training methods aren’t for everyone.

Which is why I provide so many resources on my website so you can see what I expect from my clients & canines. 

If you want to have a disciplined dog you can count on to listen when called and respond enthusiastically to your commands… A dog you can bring with you everywhere without worrying about whether you can trust it, I encourage you to.

1. Download my FREE Resources and start receiving the ‘Disciplined Dog Direct’ Newsletter
2. Schedule a FREE Behavior Analysis with me to see which Training Program fits your unique needs
3. Enjoy the Process of Training with a professional who appreciates your pet while positively encouraging it to be the best dog it can be

These programs are not a cookie cutter, “big box” approach designed to keep selling you more “stuff” to attach to your dog… they’re not old-school “compulsion” training which robs your dog of its confidence and can become downright dangerous.  


The reason my methods work is because they blend a research based, scientific approach with practical experience… it’s a balanced approach which brings out the full spirit of your dog. 

It is relatively fast, proven to be effective, and without a doubt fun for everyone…but it isn’t cheap. 

If price is your #1 priority when it comes to training, you are welcome to download my FREE resources by receive training tips direct to your email, as well as feel free to contact me and I will put you in touch with a budget conscious trainer… 

But if you want to experience the BEST training possible, and see what it’s like to enjoy every day with your dog… feel enormous pride from the countless compliments you receive on your canine companion, and unleash the full potential of your pet… schedule a time to talk about your dog by sending me an email:


Premium training options are available and flexible according to you and your dog’s individual needs.


Premium, personalized, 1-on-1 training – Maximize your living space and set up the optimal learning environment for you and your dog to thrive.

on site

Small Group (no more than 12 dogs) as well as Individual training packages are available to fit your unique needs – Socialize at convenient locations throughout Austin.

at work

Customized programs for your Corporate Events, in-office Canine Culture, and highly specialized options for your Working Dog (protection, detection, hunting, etc.).


“I have worked with a lot of dog trainers over the years and I can say with confidence that Eric is the best. His training techniques speak to the needs of puppies and adult dogs. My puppy learned so much in a short amount of time and truthfully, he trained me too! I would highly, highly recommend Eric + Paradigm Dog Training for all puppy, advanced, and working dog training.” Corrinne Hillard

“I struggled with my dog for many months before coming to Paradigm Dog Training for help. My dog had a long list of bad behaviors that I was eager to correct. Eric goes above and beyond with each dog and their owner to make sure that ideal results are achieved. After only a few training sessions with Eric, I couldn’t believe the transformation my dog had made. I now finally enjoy having a high-energy dog because she has learned how to behave with me, other dogs, and strangers. Paradigm Dog Training changed my life and I will forever be grateful for Eric!” Jane Rawdin

“I spent a lot of time alone before deciding to buy a puppy as a companion but I had no idea what I was getting myself into. After only a few weeks of puppy ownership I reached out to Paradigm Dog Training and started Eric’s ‘Perfect Puppies’ training program. He helped me with EVERYTHING from in home setup to advanced obedience training and it was the best decision I have ever made! Highly recommend Paradigm Dog Training!” Daniel Carroll


What makes Paradigm Dog Training different from other options?
We are a Premium dog training option which promotes positive conditioning methods with humane correction – blending a scientific approach with real world application which produces consistent results even under extreme circumstances. We guarantee a lifelong bond between handler and dog, never give up on our people or pets, and only take on clients who we are confident we can get results for.
Does my dog need vaccinations to train?
Your puppy’s health is important for a long life as well as the welfare of the other dogs in class. Follow your veterinarian’s vaccination schedule, and typically shots are administered at 6-8 weeks, 10-12 weeks, 14-16 weeks, annually, and every 3 years. Please have paperwork reflecting DHPP, Rabies, Bordetella, Leptospira, Lyme, Influenza Virus-H3N8 & H3N2 respective to your dog’s age.
What if I work weird hours?
Group Classes are typically held in the evenings between the hours of 6:00-9:00pm CST while One-on-One Training can be coordinated to fit a convenient time for you.
What if my dog is aggressive and bites or is bit?
Group Classes are for well mannered canines and engineered to build basic obedience – if your dog is exhibiting antisocial behavior, you will be invited to take Individual training to eliminate aggression & address more serious behavior modification issues. While most dog bites are very predictable, preventable, and are more traumatic to the owner than to the dogs involved, we are fully insured, bonded, and have relationships with the best Veterinarians in Austin to minimize risk.
Is my dog too young or too old to train?
It’s never too soon to start training, and like it or not – learning never ends. From the moment your puppy enters your home for the first time, it’s looking to you to teach it the rules… and how you communicate with your dog will dictate how it acts as an adult. On the flip side, if your dog is older and you’re willing to put in the work – it’s never too late to start. Your dog’s ability to learn is only limited by your creativity & commitment to make it interesting for everyone involved.
How do I get started?
Click the “Sign Up” button below to download free resources, fill out your Training Application (which will be emailed to you after you follow the link below and enter your email), and/or Schedule your Assessment by contacting us at or (202) 841-9221.





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